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    Pretty amazing. The idea to realisation transformation is very clean for you now and it's so rare people get there with LL post 2020. You're an LL gem right now Terry, with the LL torch firmly in your hands.


    For me personally almost too micro heavy, but the result is still quite irresistible. Excited to see more of this.

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    I loved these bits.  There is some very creative and effective use of objects here.  It's messy but that is unavoidable.  Hacking and stacking plus frozen staff is near and dear to my heart and it is awesome to see someone pick it up;  you really have a knack for it.  You also did a great job of complementing the busier, more over the top stuff with some calmer and more subtle sections to really create a great whole package.  Awesome work.

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    I'm still in awe of how this turned out.

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    I like it. I thought at first it was a sort of ghoulish custom ride but even though I realize it's a satanic altar it still looks cool.

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