Screenshot / Kettenkarussell at Westfalenpark


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    Very cute screen, getting a lot of 'Phantasialand if they got more space'-vibes. 

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    This is very nice and cute, looking forward to see where this will go. If I had to have one critique I would say that the top of the swinger looks a little bit thin near the edge, but other than that this looks great!

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    This is really nice RWE, definitely has a bit more of a grand plan sort of feel which is nice, archy goes well with things too.  Maybe a bit rough around the edges still with some of the object choices feeling a little dated such but I think it's a great project teaser none the less.

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    As I said on Discord, I'm really looking forward to this.

    Good ride interaction, beautiful foliage happening and a really lovely theme park atmosphere emerging. Good luck with this RWE! Can't wait for its release!

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    Great screen. Could perhaps use more color to help it pop.
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    Thank you for the comments, guys. Ill try to consider the little things you pointed out the next time ill work on this!


    Fred, you guessed the idea of this park correctly btw, glad to hear it already came across with this screen.

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    I thought I had already commented on this... :p


    Liking it! That big green space on the top seems massive though, but that might be perspective. 

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    Thanks, Jappy. Yeah, im not sure yet what is going to be behind over there, so that area might get changed again in the process!

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