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    Unleavened. White lines look careless. The device itself is a very strong theme. Maybe it is worth trying to highlight this theme? Build buildings that match this carousel.

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    It looks good. I agree with battle boy although hes a little too harsh about it. The pad for the ride looks a little big but maybe if you added some lose article bins or something else to fill the space it would look better. Maybe you could clean up the trackitexture fence with the tile selector, or if not maybe choose a different fence type so its not glitchy like that.


    I'm not a fan of the white road lines either would be better without. If your trying to mimic a curb I think the deco trim objects look better. Could use a fence of some sort for the main path too.


    Good gritty screen, just adding and changing up some details could make it better

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    Not sure how this is drab/colorless (I'm assuming this is what you meant by unleavened).  I agree the pad may be a bit big for the ride, but that's the size from the real life inspiration I am using.  I also agree that the white road lines don't work.  I tried it with trim, and believe it looks best without a fence.

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    Good to see you back!


    What are you basing this park on?

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    Yes I remember liking the style you were building with way back when - straightforward and thoughtful if sometimes bordering on simple.  In my opinion, drop the road lines, and the curved fence around the track - stick with your no frills natural style.  I think your tendency is towards macro, so going with the natural tools of the game which look inherently polished will go far.


    Also look into your tree coloring, the trunks are the saturated brown which doesn't look right, try to make them identical to the original trees.  Finally, there is a better/corrected version of that diagonal wooden fence!

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    It was very good
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    Luketh, the layout is based on Hersheypark.  Thanks dr dirt and MrTycoonCoaster.


    Dr dirt, I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say the curved fence around the track,

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    I think he means ditch the blue coaster track. I'd agree. maybe just use fencing instead and add bins to store bags/shoes/etc. Little details like that would add a lot.

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    Id suggest adding some details on the flat rides base and fencing to make it pop a little more. Agreed about the blue fence too.
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    I like your own old unique style better. “Write what you know” and don’t conform. Stand out.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions.  I've gone back and it looks so much nicer now!



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