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    In concept this looks like mature parkmaking. In execution, it's a little rough around the edges. I really think you need to thin out the trees. If we can't see and follow the path layout, we cannot make sense of the park as a whole. You can get a forested feel without putting trees on every single tile!


    Trying to think of some good example, but it's harder than I thought.


    Timber Valley does it well in a few places. Feels densely forested, but still readable.



    Heckengau is a great example of how to do it, around the log flume in the center:



    Also worth looking at:




    My own park isn't out yet, but making it feel like an actual forest is one of my main goals.





    Tall trees that overlap with the paths but that are also somewhat see through are the key here. You can place them on and around paths without fully obscuring them. A few tactically placed trees can be more effective than a tall hedge like in your park.


    Anyway, good luck.

  • Description

    Golden Gate is themed to a bygone era of the city by the bay. The area is centered around a dazzling dancing fountain. Included are a replica of the Golden Gate bridge, Lombard street and a "wharf" subarea, as well as a Chinatown garden.

    Cloudsplitter (skytower)
    Norcal Cablecars
    Grand Illusions Carrousel

    Paladium featuring "Supernight Supermix"

    Pier 91
    Nob Hill Grill
    Bayview Bakery
    Sunset Delicatessen
    Engine House 33 Pizzeria
    Dinner Bell
    Seacliff Custard
    Boardwalk Fries
    Celebration Plaza Food Trucks

    Metro Department Store
    Cow Hollow Toy Shop
    Treasure Island
    Hats Galore!
    Lombard St. Hobby Station
    Chocolateworks Square

    Embarcadero Taxi
    Cannery Crash

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