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    Sonawinds is a 262x262 theme park depicting the history and localities of the USA.

    12 themed areas include

    Golden Gate (city by the bay)

    Hanna-Barbera Fantasy Forest (classic cartoons)

    Colonial Harbour (british rule)

    Alpine Valley (mighty mountains)

    Country Crossroads (rural retreat)

    State Fair (old fashioned midway)

    Enterprise (invention and ingenuity)

    Retroville (50s/60s hometown)

    Pirate Island (coastal threat)

    Frontier Outpost (49er minetown)

    Orleans Delta (jazzy southland)

    Energy Expo (today & tomorrow)

    The concept for this park is based on the concept of the original Carolina theme of Carowinds , extended to the theme of the USA. Themed area, ride, and location names have been used from Carowinds and other parks.

    The park will feature 22 rollercoasters, over 70 rides and attractions as well as 6 live performance theaters.

    Some design features of the park:

    Foothills run down the back of the park. The rest of the park has been enclosed with a 20ish ft berm to retain the feeling of immersion.

    The main figure 8 park layout is build around Mount Sona park icon and the sternwheeler riverboat river. This makes the middle of the park seem like the edge to further increase immersion.

    Each themed area contains rides with no minimum height limit (adult required for small children) so groups may experience attractions together everywhere in the park.

    The park is VERY heavily forested for guest comfort and beauty. All possible trees were preserved in construction and many trees were planted after construction. (NOTE - i accept that many won't like this, but there is the great foliage transparency feature in the game to view the action and building details :)

    2 park entrances at Golden Gate and Country Crossroads

    No restroom is located directly on a major walkway. All restrooms are hidden behind buildings, small berms, or in corners.

    The back of buildings throughout the park have been hidden with other buildings or berms with foliage.

    For game play and to avoid lost guests, the park features underground "utilidor" short cuts, connecting most restrooms and a few other locations

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