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    I think this could be the most interesting park ever released here; just being able to see the contrast between how people used to play the game to how they currently do will be really interesting. Especially as it is all in one park. I'd almost argue that it wouldn't be worth changing too much on the older areas just to reinforce this idea, but I guess if it doesn't look very good then there might be almost an obligation to make changes.


    Really bummed I don't have LL, also given some of Loopy's recent screens.

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    Yeah, this is going to be great and I can't wait for it.

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    The top of the right screen is very empty, even for a park this old. I think you need a smoother transition from path to bare land there, probably with some flower beds. But for the rest, this is delightful. It may not be the most complex, original or refined work, it's so much fun to explore! I've spent an above average amount of time looking at this screen.

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    Love that massive building though.

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    Good to see you around Andrew! This looks incredible. I hope to catch up with you in Orlando sometime soon!

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    I didn't think I'd see this again. Just made me think of those endless AIM chats we used to have.


    Can we do a monthly old members only group chat thing or so to drown ourselves in nostalgia, and philosophise about RCT style evolution? intamin?! milo?

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    This is lovely. I was a bit wary of some of your other screens as I found it a bit lacking, and not because it was so old school, it just felt very atmosphere-less.

    But this is wonderful, as is a couple of your other screens. Great to have you back here again.
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    Is this going to remain a Universal park? I see the name change but I was hoping that'd be a thing to stay the same..

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    It's... a bastard. No matter the name, it will never be a true Universal park as I've got too much Disney in my blood. However, it's certainly not a Disney park by any stretch of the imagination. It's actually been named "Disney's Paradise Lagoon" starting with my 10 June 2008 save file.


    I've been using the Infinity brand for a very long time (Infinity House Party, anyone?) and I feel that's the best way to explain how and why everything is the way it is; An overt Islands of Adventure inspiration, Universal-style coasters, ride concepts recognizably Disney, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter mashed up with the now-Disney-owned Marvel.  I'm eventually going to write press releases explaining the entire thing.

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    Something old, something new.

    It is absolutely boggling to me just how much the game has changed since I was playing. Just as much so is how pleased I am with some of the work of my teenage self, and even the level of thought I put into some of the smaller details. On the left side is PRad├Žs, which has changed more than any other part of this map. Its received some updates since I started going through the outstanding work produce by everyone here and will probably receive many more... on the plus side, I finally figured out how to make the Marco Polo Restaurant less boring, even if it is still completely huge.

    To the right is The Mummys Revenge. This is possibly the first thing I ever built for this park, and other than a variety of adjustments to the very end (to allow a path to go through) it is absolutely unchanged. There is actually a reference to someone I knew from IOACentral, which I frankly dont even know if it exists anymore. For some people, this park is just something I show screenshots of. For me, its a scrapbook.

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