Screenshot / Things that Change and Things that Stay the Same, Part 2


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    A Disk-O using the air-powered coaster track; that's (perhaps somewhat ironically) something I haven't seen before.


    Interesting contrast that here there's no windows and on the other screen there were probably too many. I think a splash of colour here and there would really complete the screen. The overuse of the brick makes everything blend together almost too much (not a huge fan of that brick texture to begin with). Nonetheless, I definitely get that Egyptian/Desert feel with this.

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    The snow covered fence at the top of the waterfall is a brilliant touch of detail.

    Dissapointed that the disk-O is gone though.
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    This is a screenshot from the oldest save file I have, dated 2 October 2006. At this point, the park was 'only' 4 years old. Pictured again is The Mummy's Revenge, with my preferred 270` helix ending. Also pictured is the 'Sun Disk' Zamperla Disk'O attraction I built shortly after they were introduced, because they sound cool as hell and frankly, I felt like showing off. Removing it was one of the hardest things I've ever done on this project, both emotionally and just because have you ever tried to un-hack something you deleted entire portions of? The game crashed so so many times when I went to construction mode until I finally got it settled. Also featured is the walkaround lighthouse and the overly-substantial Valley of the Kings restrooms. I'm still very proud of, and miss, that archway.

    However, my quest to transcend "realism" into "recreation of something that just so happens to not actually exist" required the removal and refitting of a lot of this area, because service roads are important. Anyone who's worked at one of the major theme parks will feel at home with the design decisions I ultimately made.

    Lastly, of course, are the things that Stayed the Same: my almost completely untouched Mummy, here from a different angle and featuring a portion of the entrance temple; the IOA Shield Logo that some long-forgotten friend made for me, and the exterior show scenes of my "World's Most Ridiculous Raft Adventure"

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