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    It looks like there's an intentional or at least well-covered hole but the darkness around it is strange. However, it looks pretty swell for being so plain.
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    This is so fascinating and brilliant.

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    did you edit the screen in photoshop?
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    "Apparently the last visitors here were a pair of German hikers." Haha, obviously. Wonderful screen!
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    The landscaping is really, really well done here. And I'm intrigued by the mystery...

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    There's only one path up to the headland pastures, and the old farmer guards it jealously. He glowers over his cane- "Ye aught stay away from there, lad." Apparently the last visitors here were a pair of German hikers. They went up the old farmer's trail, and vanished into the moor. The farmer's eyes flash when I mention it. He reaches out with the cane, taps a rusty shovel leaning against the fencepost. "Go up there, and we'll need this to get ye back down."

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