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    I admire the attempt on the medieval houses but to me it looks like a straight line of poop just sitting on the roof as a whole. However, this screen brings a nice clean feel that is sometimes hard to find in LL projects. Overall, nice work.
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    Great atmosphere and neat story

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    Lovely atmosphere.

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    nice work :)

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    NEEDS. MOAR. FENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Needs. Less. Wouter.


    ][, I like the screen but not all the details are clear to me... I don't really understand the awning at the front, it'd look more like a church if get rid of it. The cannons and clocks are confusing anyway... Why is there a cannon? It looks like a cannon.


    Also you should stack the egyptian blocks all the way to the top. I think you were attempting buttresses but they don't work like this. I think it'll look better too.


    Love the atmosphere!

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    Something isn't right here. Morar was supposed to be a pleasant stop on the tourist trail, but the village is cold and the locals colder. I had heard the chapel was picturesque and the chaplain welcoming, but the church doors are nailed shut. An oak plank latched across the gate with "KEEP OUT" painted in red bars the way.

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