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    Wow. I can't look at the park right now, but of everything I've seen since coming back, this is what makes me want to go through the headache of using my near-dead PC to look at in it game. I think it's fantastic you built a park like this and had the balls to submit it, and that the panel awarded it an accolade. Just going by the overview, there are areas I wish were less bare, but a lot of what I see is fantastic.

    I know someone in your ad thread was afraid this would lead to a bunch of "Modern Art" parks. That may be true, but what I'm excited about is for parkmakers to take this as inspiration and be more free with what they build, and to serve their own interests rather than that of a diverse audience.
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    I have no clue what the fuck is going on.

    But I get the feeling I'm not supposed to.
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    hmmm. this park sure was interesting. I was hoping for some sort of readme though...

    overall I thought this was sort of meh. personally I wouldn't have given it an accolade. some parts were for sure very nice, like some detailed buildings and aesthetically pleasing areas (like the gardens and some structures dotted around). overall though I feel like this is some sort of failed art experiment... from what I can see you were trying to express in a park the sort of stuff rct is not meant for or the stuff that people generally criticize, hence the name taboo. but imo expressionist/symbolic (or whatever you would call it) art does not really fit well into rct. what I saw came off as a rush job, with bare stations and empty areas or vastly underthemed sections ugly-ing up the park. I get that its intentional, I just think its stupid. make pretty parks please, I know you're capable of it.

    so to sum it up, there are a few areas of aesthetic genius there. the gothic-ish train station, that detailed white building nearby, those black towers near the monorail/coaster and the hedge maze stand out as some good examples of those. but overall i was left underwhelmed and felt the park was a silly attempt at something artisticly serious that just didn't work.
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    I looked at this in game and it's pretty clear to me there's a story in here, albeit a Lynchian one.
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    I'm going to have to agree with Cocoa. But anyways, congrats on the accolade ivo. There will be plenty who love this park and some who dislike it, but that's just how things go.
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    Well, I found this really inspiring. It's a completely different way of looking at RCT that leaves so much empty space which you have to fill by very actively using your fantasy. That gives tha park so many ways to be interpreted and everytime you look at it you can see it in a new light.
    It somehow has a lot in common with unfinished parks, which I often find much more inspiring than finished parks, exactly because they give you so much freedom to interpret, and to be creative by asking yourself: what would he have built here? How would it look if it were complete?
    Then I really have to congratulate you to the ad district topic. The way you managed to get five pages of discussion with screen that would in other contexts be just considered unfinished and empty is just amazing. For those calling for a readme, I recommend you to read the thread. It "prepared" me very well for seeing the park and I think it should definately be seen as a part of the piece of art that is "Taboo".
    Then this also told me alot about how to vote on accolade submissions. This was impossible to vote on with the usual NE-style scale in mind, what I had done with almost every release after Phantom in order to vote less extreme - rather stupid. Here I then kept myself to the scale that we are actually given for the voting going from "I did not like anything in this submission" to "I liked everything in this submission" - a very subjective scale, but one that works for every kind of submission. And thats why we have an accolade panel, isn't it? To make what is subjective anyway a little less subjective.
    Now I've gone a bit off topic... Congratulations, ivo!
    Btw: What did Janus(!) and FantastiCo do?
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    This was mindfucking...
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    What made me vote 60% was that the map felt like a dream. It's full of weird stuff that doesn't make sense, but with some familiar and realistic elements as well. You only realise how weird it is after you wake up. Of course this doesn't feel like an actual dream because it's not my subconscious fantasy (memories?) and I'm fully awake when viewing this (a lucid dream? --> not my dream --> INCEPTION!!!1). It fascinated me a little...

    Another thing I liked about this is that there's quite a lot to see, everytime you rotate the view there are new things to discover. I don't know what I was looking at most of the time, but for the reason I explained above I really had fun exploring this. The talking trees made me laugh a little.

    Congratulations Ivo. :)
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    First park I quit voting because I couldn't find a proper score for it.
    So congrats I guess ;D

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    I tried checking it out from the overview, but I feel like I"m missing a lot.

    Just wondering, what is the better part to start (if there's a story in it)?

    Also, congrats on the bronze ivo !

    I also loved fantastico's name on this :p
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    Even the filler has no context
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    say what you want, hate me if you want, but rct is truly in a downfall and projects like this making the front page is proof. i think people are trying to look at this as creative but go back 5 years ago and this would have been a joke.

    i dont know maybe its me, the last few projects that came out i was the bottom of the pile voter, so who knows...
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    I apologize for how the logo turned out. I rushed and meant for this to only be a rough draft, not the final version:[

    Congrats though man!
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    it's super nice people enjoy this, but i personally never want to see stuff like this on the frontpage. it's a democracy so my opinion is of little relevance.
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    say what you want, hate me if you want, but rct is truly in a downfall and projects like this making the front page is proof. i think people are trying to look at this as creative but go back 5 years ago and this would have been a joke.

    I do agree that I hope Taboo Copycats don't make it to the front page, but the community needed this. I never got anywhere because I was trying to make something that would appeal to this site. The thing is, when you do that you end up trying to please a few dozen people, and any work you make will be bland (plus I just couldn't figure out how to do it) because there are realistic guys like you and CP6, and then there are fantasy guys like Levis, and then there's everything in between, with horizontal shifts in taste as well. This park is the only reason I'm writing this post. I came back just to check what was going on, saw the ad topic for this park, and realized I could start building again. Without trying to please anyone but myself. Granted, I could have done that all along but I'm anxious and want to please everyone, and genuinely didn't realize this game could be used the way I want to use it now.

    Tl;dr: I have mental issues and this park might get me past them enough to build.
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    say what you want, hate me if you want, but rct is truly in a downfall and projects like this making the front page is proof. i think people are trying to look at this as creative but go back 5 years ago and this would have been a joke. i dont know maybe its me, the last few projects that came out i was the bottom of the pile voter, so who knows...-JDP

    maybe because you suck as a human being, jk
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    As the highest voter I feel obligated to post my opinion about this.

    While it certainly was the most original release we've had in years it seems, and though it was not the most aesthetically pleasing or well-made park ever, Taboo certainly exposed NE of it's close-mindedness. What says we can't build more than the standard theme park? Why must one build in such a realistic way? I know many may say that they don't "have" to build in any sort of way, but then why would they have an issue with a park like this?

    While this isn't the prime example of what I'm about to say, Taboo certainly reminded us that RCT is still a game. It is an escape from the real world, whether it be just for a few hours or a few months' worth of dedication. This park was fun, and I feel like people are losing that more and more with the game as time goes on. Sure, this park seemed to have an idea, a story, behind it, a sense of being, but to most it was just random ideas thrown together without any sort of cohesiveness, and to me that's the literal meaning of fun. Unplanned, randomize acts of enjoyment.

    Personally, as of late RCT lost its sense of fun and became a sort of job to me, as I had to build to a certain level of detail to please myself, had to intricately research ride mechanisms, supports, etc. just to be sure I made it correctly. Taboo asked the question "why?" Why did I have to do that sort of thing? Why couldn't I just come home, put on some tunes and open up the game. Why had my favorite video game become a second job to me? I left for a bit, not community-wise but more of a break from the game itself to fulfill other enjoyments, and they simply were that: enjoyable. It was more randomized acts of enjoyment that were unrestricted as I was able to let my mind go to wherever, rather than restricting it to the physics of an actual, plausible rollercoaster, the technicalities of ride-mech., among other things. As I come back I'm leaving that sort of mind-set and allowing myself to build whatever I really want, as Taboo reminded me that I could.
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    After viewing and voting on this I've almost had my eyes opened to differences and started viewing things in a new light.

    We've gotten so used to the current 'NE Standard' of making things as realistic as possible that people almost stop using imagination and submissions are judged on how real something looks or feels or simulates.

    Whilst I didn't understand what was going on, this lack of understanding made the park more understandable. Everything depends on perception and interpretation and this allowed the viewer to use it. I was really impressed and i'm actually quite inspired to build something without the care of others, building something for things to be approached in whichever way they are taken.

    Well done Ivo. Your work is enlightening.

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    Hey it is not fair you can enter the rest of the forums :p

    I am writing a reply but it is more a cohesive story than an invidual reply.

    But thanks for all the reactions already