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    That’s one of the most beautiful overviews I’ve ever seen. Downloading it now and will leave more comments shortly.
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    This park is so fucking amazing! I already looked at it for so long, and things are still impressing me. There are just too may good ideas that have been executed very neat.


    The edges fading away, the falling leaves, everything from Spring... It's all so unique. I'm very proud to have a share in this. Really sad it couldn't make it as a H2H park, because I think it would catch the necessary votes. It was really fun to see the progress, and you've worked out all the feedback very well. Actually so far that I don't have real critiques anymore :p

    Thanks for all the fun in the screens you gave me. It's a 90% from me.

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    Fantasy is not my thing but wow. It’s like a hybrid of realism detail and believability mixed with fantasy. I don’t know how to describe it. This is stunning. It has so much depth to explore.

    Looks like you had great fun.

    It’s so vibrant and beautiful to look at it.

    I think my favourite thing is the path detail. I love path detail and you’ve done it amazingly in all sections.

    I don’t see a single thing wrong here. Maybe the cheese Ferris Wheel is awful but executed perfectly.

    I actually thought you was a Parkmaker but this will defo make you one now.
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    OK, so first. Congrats.  I know I commented skeptically on the monorail cliffside, but dude.  That blacked out center just makes that log cabin so adorably lonely perched on that cliff.  The rest of the park is like my dreams of playing with color again but done by someone else and in a way that the community will love.  I can only hope to learn pathing and layering from this, while still balancing color/architecture so that it's fantasy like.  I tried last year, but I do still want to do this again.


    Love Harvest and Blossom (and station and pathing and supports and integration with April Showers).  The flower trails.  The ice skating in front of the frosty castle.  The layering on the other side of that building.  The ferris wheel sun or whatever. and Coldsnap too!


    Favorite area currently is Spring.


    This is great. Dammit. Ugh. More later.  Thank you.  Congrats.

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    Congrats on a great release, while this type of park is usually not my cup of tea, I really loved it. The highlights for me were the architecture around the pink coaster, the diagonal circus tent and the slides in the winter area. Especially that last one was a 'wow' moment for me when I first saw it. I still have to revisit the park to come up with a vote, as im torn wether its a spotlight or not, but you should be very proud regardless.

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    Great park FK, review coming soon. For now congratulations on grabbing a parkmaker spot! I remember you being tipped for parkmaker way back in the day, so I went into the internet archive to see what year it was exactly... Of course it got out of hand and made this table of who was "on the radar" throughout time. Data from 2005 missing, maybe the section was indeed as empty as it shows in the internet archive. I also made people that actually made parkmaker red.


    Attached Image: radarr.png

    Writeup: "Now landing on the NE3 Radar is FK+Coastermind. This guy really has a lot of skill which was seen when he's bridge entry won him the first PT3 prelim round which earnd him his spot in the finals. Next in the release of the project revolution maps he had what was, imo the best entry with The Waterston Mines. Now he's entering the PT3 and by the looks of his screens he should finish high and if he does there a pretty strong chance he will move up to the big leagues."

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    Egg head egg head egg head egg head egg head
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    FK, This is a masterpiece

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    That was a fun park to explore. It was more fantastical than I was thinking. It wasn't as big as I was expecting but the rides had good flow. My main negative critique is that the summer section could use a ride that's strictly for that section. The spring section was my favorite, due to the coaster and the lush foliage. Congrats on the Parkmaker spot! You've certainly earned it.

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    Beautiful park needs a beautiful logo (now added). A teamwork between intamin22 and FK himself.

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    Thanks everybody for the comments here and on discord! Wanted to share some quick thoughts on the park.


    Obviously, I’m ecstatic that the park has been received so well, and getting parkmaker with this feels so special. I know it sounds corny, but parkmaker has been a  goal of mine since I first joined NE 15 years ago. Took longer than I thought, but I’m really excited to have finally reached that personal milestone.


    Building Seasons was a joy, but also one of the more stressful processes I’ve gone through with a park. At the beginning of this year I was convinced the park would never be finished. As with most of us I’ve had a rough year, but one of the benefits was more time for rct and a stronger desire to funnel my creative energies back into the game. In that way, Seasons has been a great outlet.


    While the difference may be nominal, I don’t consider Seasons a true ‘hard’ fantasy park but instead something more ‘soft’ fantasy or even a hybrid between different styles. Instead of creating a defined ‘place’ and then applying a season to it, the focus was on world building to capture the essence of each season through smaller elements. This led to a more ‘do what feels right’ approach to building the park, emphasizing the visuals and atmosphere of each area rather than being concerned with explaining their existence through either reality or fantasy. I found this really freeing as a builder and I’m glad it came across.


    Thanks again for the positive comments! I’ve already got some other projects brewing, so more work from me soon!


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    As you already know, I absolutely adore this park. I'm so happy to see you take it from where we left off in the beginning stages and flesh it out, full-FK style, into something truly special and unique. This is your best work (so far...) and I'm very excited to see you with the well-deserved green name!


    I think my favorite bits were:


    Coldsnap's layout and landscape - absolutely unique and beautiful to behold. It has #datflow and #datcharm


    Circus tent - one of the last things you made on the map, and it's incredible. So perfectly executed and beautiful to look at.


    Log Flume - the best log flume of all time? Perhaps.


    Spring's overflowing flowers - see, I told you it would look amazing with the flowers! Always listen to AVC :)


    Feathering effect - your FK-ism that really added so much to the atmosphere. Absolutely wonderful additional.


    Congratulations again FK! Can't wait to see what's next on your plate.

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    WOW. this is just stunning. one of the best parks of the year, and possibly of all time. I think its the most well-developed 'you' thing I've seen. the layouts are so flowing and beautifully nested in their environments. and each season speaks so amazingly well to the atmosphere and emotion wrapped up in those seasons.


    summer- I love the chaos and cluttered architecture, wrapped up in tall lush foliage. just beautiful architecture and seaside infrastructure.

    fall- lowkey and beautiful. rustic. so much mystery and fun and magic.

    winter- the monotone works wonders and the coaster and slides are just perfect. surreal and sparkly and intricate.

    spring- elegant and fancy. the flowers and hyperdetailed latticework gives it a sort of rich art nouveaux/ almost sci fi feeling. I would pay you 1000 bucks to drop acid in this park. 


    I'm so happy this finally got to see the light of day!!

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    Just realized I never commented here in the topic.


    But maaaaan this park is everything. Such an incredible level of polish and attention to detail in the end. Each section was crafted perfectly, and it's obvious that a lot of thought went into each placement.


    Summer is one of my favorite areas. Feels like Cadiz mixed with Cinque Terre mixed with european love. I like the ferris wheel, and the stairs leading to the beach. The sloped walls add a lot to this section.


    Harvest is one of my favorite coasters in recent memory. There's not a bad angle on this lady. I absolutely love how you were able to interact with the paths and use the water to frame the coaster in certain spots. The cornmaze on the island is particularly picturesque.Hunter's Homestead is one of my favorite little buildings on the map. Very Steve-ish, and excellent visually with the guests visible walking through. The orchard area and green building are also particularly impressive. I love how half of that building is used as the Grape Treading queue and the other is a restroom - with a passthrough in between. Masterful. Something I'd see done at Disney in real life. Obviously noteworthy in this section is the sandstone canyon. I loved the screen - but seeing it in context makes it all the more impressive. Especially because it's only truly visible from one angle. Makes you truly want to "explore" the map!


    The winter section is also fantastic. Love the little orange fences at the end of the slides, and the frozen waterfall. Also glad that you carried the brown path into this area - good contrast. I love how tall and imposing the main building is. Great first drop. Good choice using the different hue of blue for the path on the interior of the building, and the deeper blues to achieve depth. Very thoughtfully done. Absolutely love how the ice skating section is being supported by those pillars of ice with the track below. Incredibly well thought out and executed. Again, the darker shades of blue really sell the depth in this particular spot.


    Blossom is yet another impressive coaster - biggest highlight for me being the cool support structure for the first drop. Very memorable. Especially how you're drawn back to it when the track loops back over the lift. Great use of open space in this area. Really adds to the Spring feel and allows you to really soak in the important parts.. Coaster supports leading into and the entire station for Blossom are so cool. Spent a lot of time just looking at this area. Love the greenhouse feel, and the custom sign for the entrance is well done and repeated appropriately throughout the area. You've got an incredible eye for detail, and this section really highlights that.



    Congratulations again on achieving parkmaker status - you are truly deserving of it, and are personally one of my all time favorite builders in this game.



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    Congrats FK. I've already talked to you loads about this park and you obviously don't need more thoughts from me on it, but it's good to get them written down somewhere more permanent than Discord DMs.

    I love the choice to do this expressionistically. It's a good way to convey your love towards all the seasons and the different things you find enjoyable about each. The cold contrast of winter against the other seasons each feeling warm, inviting, or cozy in some way really makes it pop and stand out, and it gives me the mind that you feel a bit differently about winter than the warmer seasons.

    As a piece of RCT, rather than of art, this is still exceptional. The layouts are unique but believable, and are all settled nicely into their environments. The supporting rides are all well crafted as well, particularly the flume, and help to add some more of the bustling life found throughout.

    One thing to improve on, which I've noticed a bit more while working with you on FCC, is that you don't plan your paths when designing your rides, which leads to awkward path layouts or a lack of interaction at times, which you can see in a few places here.

    Congrats again on reaching parkmaker, on finishing this artistic masterpiece, and on blowing me away with all of your wonderful ideas.

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    bumping this so you nerds dont forget about it due to uganda

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    I'm too busy building rhode island
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    Stunning work, FK. As great as the theming is, the real winner for me is the ride design - the flume and luge ride are outstanding, the coaster layouts are flowy but not crowded, and the flats are integrated nicely. I still can't quite comprehend how you and many others can build RCT this detailed and make it look so good. 


    This would've kicked ass in H2H. I'd give it somewhere between 85-90. 

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    Finally got around to writing a review! First off, amazing park.. such wonderful atmosphere and it is full of great details. Absolutely blown away by the foliage variety and the colors! Figured I'd share a few screens of what I enjoyed since I agree with most comments before me.


    Besides the winter castle, this was one of my favorite buildings on the map. Lovely use of grass as a roof texture and the glass windows. Very elegant.


    Attached Image: Seasons 2020-09-21 09-39-02.png


    Best barn in RCT? And the pumpkin patch was a nice touch. Really cool fall vibes.


    Attached Image: Seasons 2020-09-21 09-39-26.png


    One thing that stood out to me for some reason was how detailed the seawall was. This bridge too was great. 


    Attached Image: Seasons 2020-09-21 09-40-15.png


    Lastly, the luge track was so cool. Love some unusual rides choices like this. 


    Attached Image: Seasons 2020-09-21 09-40-29.png


    Look forward to more from you in the future... I've always enjoyed your creativity and style. 

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