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    Whoa, didn't see this coming.
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    WOW this is bangin.

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    This is awesome

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    This park is so immense and dense. There is just so much going on in every section in terms of ride interactions. Most of the time this works really well and leads to some great pieces, but there are some parts such as near the mine train where it can come out looking a bit messy. The back of the park was my favorite area. It was really complex but also really clean. My one big complaint would be I felt the black support object was overused and overpowering in some parts. 


    Overall this is probably the best full scale fantasy park in some time. The demons were a little hard to distinguish but the theme shown through. I'd probably give this a 70% 

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    A part of my goal was to have a of lot ride interaction and chaos, with a couple of clear points of interest, such as the temple in the center being the primary one.

    Some of my favourite parks are Evil WME's Mount Doom or Chaos of Time, Mala's Mountain Beach. Just any park that are busy with detail. Chaotic. Like a "Where's Waldo" drawing a Jan van Haasteren illustration. You can follow the tracks and paths, and discover where they go. Clearness was never a prime objective for me.

    Hardest part for me was to keep a sense of zones without resorting to "happy" colours. And supports for steelcoasters. I suck so much at those.

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    wow this park is amazing. I really love it. so much vibrancy and atmosphere and surreal, dark, fantasy shit to look at. It feels so relaxed and loose, like you just sort of stream-of-consciousness built everything, but still has really awesome details and structures and interaction all over. reminds me a lot of some of the older Evil WME or Mala parks. I really enjoyed the way you used a lot of landscaping and bare ground (sand, red sand, etc) to set tone throughout the park, and I enjoyed trying to sort piece together whatever story there was in my head. just a really fun world to look at. great job!

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    Super cool submission here. Definitely reminds me of Mala. 

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    Sorry I haven't chimed in yet Angroc. I examined the overview a few times, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But just now I open it up and looked around with all of Dark Realms moving parts and pieces.


    I love the disjointedness of this park, you obviously achieved your goal, and brought some much needed fantasy to NE. Your park has a lot to absorb for sure, but it looks like you had a ton of fun building it and seemed quite carefree at the same time. I will definitely spend more time looking around to try to catch a lot of your little details.


    The finished product could have used some smaller areas of refinement, such as covering up some of the huts, would have added another hour of building.  For example, having a random lemonade stand on its own, with all this cool fantasy stuff around it, stands out like a sore thumb, or some of the ride huts weren't fully covered up. Also, I can't stand fast moving staff in a park, but that's just a personal preference.


    I'm undecided on 65 or 70, I'll put in my vote shortly.


    Overall, thanks for submitting, congrats on a beautiful full scale park and I hope you keep building, your style already has a unique stamp, and with some refinement will become even better!

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    Thanks for the long comment!

    With such a large park, certain little things will go unnoticed. Looking at that overview map can be torture; when i start spotting things I wish I could've changed. Also, I was in a bit of rush submitting this, since i have a family now, and sorta just wanted this park submitted and put that past me. Honestly dont know if I'll do such a big park again.

    About the ride huts, i like em, so im in no rush to remove them unless the alternative is worth it. Also, to be completely honest, i dont know how to hide them! So my only alternative is to cover em. My hacking game is non-existant! Though I hope to learn how to merge tracks for my next park.
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    Yeah, when I said "hide", I just meant cover them up, no hacking needed. It's a little thing, but you did with most of the huts, just a few were missed. But I'm glad you submitted this, it was really fun to browse through. 


    Even if you keep building on smaller projects would be cool!

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    Congrats on the silver! This park was just so inspired and we need more of this in our lives.

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    Too bad you had to wait so long for this vote to come in! I voted 70, but I figured it'd get mid to high silver with the rest of the panel. Nice work, fresh style. Keep building! Congrats on the silver and a beautiful park.
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    Good to see this finally grab an accolade. Congrats.

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    I really think this deserves gold. Very weird but well executed, very atmospheric. To make even a small design in this style takes a lot of imagination, so it's quite a feat to manage a whole park like this. It's great to see a larger piece of fantasy-style these days when most people seem to build realistic stuff. 

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    Woo accolade! Thanks all for voting. Thanks for having a look! 

    @ mintliquer: thanks man! I honestly expected bronze; it stayed over 70% until the last three votes came in, though, so I am pretty happy!

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    Stoksy 60%
  • Description


    by Angroc

    In ancient times, when the world was young, demons roamed the earth. They tormented the living with destruction and malice. By the hills of Ythar a battle was fought, and the Demons trapped into tombs from wence they'd came. An enchanted wall was erected around this hill to stave off the corruption of their presence.

    Many, many years later, as it's memory was lost in time, this site was discovered. An archeologist was corrupted as he opened up the tombs. He saw visions of a grand amusement par, to lure innocent souls beyond its gates. There, they would ride all the rides, each one erected in glory of its patron demon, feeding of the screams of its helpless victims.

    The demons were as follows.

    Urz-Bahl the Awoken. Chief amongst Demons; not the mightiest, but the richest in guile, deceit and persuasiveness.

    Malroth the Annihilator. Urz-Bahls general, the mightiest of demons.

    Ul'rakir; the demon of sands, the bringer of droughts; father of famine.

    Vuldring 0' the Skye. Mightiest of Dragons.

    Kuranthal o' the Mountain. The king of the mountain, rules of Ythar, the hill of ancient terrors.

    Pheraxilot Plaguebringer. Desease is his weapon. The virus is his steed.

    Beravn the Red. A lesser demon, who takes joy in pain and suffering. Urz-Bahls chief tormenter.

    Veshel. Once a king of a human real, in the loss of his daughter turned to malice and madness.

    Narglith Cliffslither. Bringer of lies.

    Tordivel the Digger. He digs deep, and opens the world of fire to the surface.

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