Screenshot / Magnum Lift


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    Nice screen! Train seems really short on the lift, but that can't be helped.


    The foliage is not the best though in my opinion, as it looks like a big mess. Especially in an area such as this I think that it should look a lot more manicured - ie gradually becoming more sparse the further from the trees. At the moment it just ends, and the thick foliage extends too far out for me.

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    Now that's a good screen. The lift hill supports look great.

  • Wouter VL%s's Photo
    Very nice! I would also say to improve your foliage. There should be way less around the supports and it shouldn't just stretch out in one way like that. Have you ever seen a natural-grown forest with only one row of perfectly spaced trees? No.

    If you'd still want to keep a row of trees, i'd recommend a less hectic looking tree, and leave more space inbetween. There also shouldn't be enormeously much foliage then either.
  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    Your support work is great.


    I'd kill that bunny hop though. The track rises and falls slightly for no reason (because Arrow...) but it's slight and shouldn't be that pronounced. I'd just keep it flat.


    EDIT: PLEASE put Fisherman's chaser lights all the way up the lift. That would really make this feel like Magnum. I believe they're only on the side with the catwalk.

  • Faas%s's Photo

    This is good. I like the bunny hop a lot actually. 

  • disneylandian192%s's Photo

    I agree with Faas regarding the bunny hop. Recreations are always tough to judge because they must be accurate but at the same time visually appealing within the game.


    In this case I think that the bunny hop looks better then a long stretch of flat track- thus I'd say if you're on the fence keep it!

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    Remember though that while it looks like it makes sense here it's after the brake run. Magnum is weird because it has a final brake run parallel to the lift, then it meanders around really slowly and has another brake run that you see here. So that bunny hill will be taken at a ridiculously slow speed after the final brake run that brings the train to a complete stop in the event of a 3 train stack (with a screeching, amazingly abrupt and painful stop that's thankfully really rare.

  • XHess%s's Photo

    I've been on this ride so many times, hopefully your recreation brings back those memories! :)

  • Ride6%s's Photo

    I agree with bill Coasterbill regarding the bunny hop.  If anything I feel like it goes down then up through there, not the other way, but regardless of the exact motion it had better be crawling. I think keeping it level looks awkward, but that's fitting, since that section of track is kinda awkward.  Because Arrow.

    I really like everything else in the screen though. I can't actually remember what Magnum's switch-track looks like, but that at least looks functional and appealing regardless of accuracy. The lift supports are quite impressive. Bravo!

  • Phatage%s's Photo


    for some reason, the boards disable linking to a certain time in the vid. but go to like 2:15, really don't think it justifies that big of a hill in RCT

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