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  • BelgianGuy%s's Photo

    that's really cool, just too bad you can't get it to look like this and have it peepable aswell...


    I do have some issues with the yellow stairs, they pop too much and distract from the brillaintly made custom flat, it'd go black or dark brown, something that doesn't take the focus away from the ride...

  • gdb%s's Photo

    hot damn. you nailed pretty much there is to do right on this ride. i would consider changing the red colours to something more soft though

  • Faas%s's Photo

    Awesome. So colourful, I love it. The queue line building is really cool as well! 

  • Chocotopian%s's Photo

    Brilliant colours and very well crafted top spin. Love the little ice cream too!

  • Austin55%s's Photo

    Just need a Schwarzkopf double looper ;)

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Like BG said; change the stair colours (something as simple as grey would do) and you've got an almost perfect screen. Colours are perfect, looks incredibly clean, and the details are great. Would also suggest changing the fountain colour to teal, as it looks too bright at the moment.

  • AvanineCommuter%s's Photo

    So clean and detailed.

  • Steve%s's Photo

    The yellow stairs are more than fine. In fact, there's literally nothing I can fault in that screen so great work, dude. I always love seeing your work on the front page.


    ps, needs more chairlift.

  • PBJ%s's Photo

    good work!

    love the details.

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    That is an Airtime level custom flat. Well done dude!

  • Coasterbill%s's Photo

    Holy shit that's good. The catwalk areas up on the pivot points of the ride really sealed the deal for me. This must have taken you forever to build.

  • Airtime%s's Photo

    Fuck Coups? Fucking brilliant.

  • ScOtLaNdS_FiNeSt%s's Photo

    Real nice work there man, Im being real nitpicky,But I think the queue structure/ride could do with 1 tile breathing room. Realism dictates that the ride would smash into the queue building. Again. Thats real nitpicky not taking away with the absolute brilliance of the ride. 

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