Screenshot / Disney's Royal Victorian Resort & Spa


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    Great hotel, awful tree object.

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    Glad to see you back... the hotel is great but the landscaping leaves much to be desired.
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    Facade is great, rest is not.
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    thats a great facade, like others have mentioned the tree object needs to go. as for the grass into sand, you don't see that all to often  (the sand should be down a unit from the grass) for a few reasons. number one, all the sand would blow into the hotel/ onto the grass.

    number two, the beach would be lower due to erosion. if the sand were that far back on the same hieght level, so would the sea probably.

    number three, the hotel would have a very good incentive to either build their resort significantly higher than the beach so the sea doesn't come a knocking, or build retaining walls to keep it st bay.

    number four, never undervalue the power of height change in terms of interest for the eye. just like with architecture, relief is important to add depth and layer an image.


    great work though and good to see you. 

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    Not really. Such a mess of random objects.

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