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    Really good stuff here. I like this a lot. Lots of detail and tiny-ness, which I really like.

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    This shows promise. Keep it up!

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    This looked great on the thumbnail, like a piece of one of the better parks that were made in 2005-2006. The full screenshot is a bit disappointing though. Symmetry is boring, and I don't like how this area is confined to a little box with featureless surroundings.You clearly have some talent, anyhow!

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    Welcome to New Element, Ziscor! You've got a nice little building there, and I especially like the path interaction with the car ride. but I think Liam was right when he said the symmetry is boring. Try to mix things up a bit next time.

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    Thank you to those that liked it! And thank you for the valid points.


    I must say, in retrospect I would have not chosen to go with the symmetry that I went with. And the boxy structure. I had restricted the size I could build on when I chose to make it near the coaster, too.


    I'll keep these things in mind in the future when I post screenshots!


    Here is another angle, if interested:



    But yeah, no angle can help it's symmetricality and boxy nature. I was specially keeping boxy-ness in mind at that time and there's no way to hide it now :/


    Again, thanks for the insight! It is highly appreciated :)

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    I'm into it.

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    I wish this wasn't so squared off by the path, but integrated into the area a bit better. The individual structures aren't bad, tho.

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