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    Just fantastic. I love every morsel! :D

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    This park is so fucking orange.

    Very cozy too.
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    PS: thanks guys! ;)

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    Looks great. I'm really excited for the release of Orange Land.
  • RCT2day%s's Photo

    Get some blue flowers in some planters on the path to make it pop.  Excellent work

  • saxman1089%s's Photo

    Very brown/tan/orange, but I like it. It feels very warm and inviting. Now finish the park so we can see it all! =)

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    The building and elevated path at the top of the screen works fantastically.  Good luck with the rest of the park.

  • nin%s's Photo

    Still one of my favorite parks in progress, but I'm afraid the entire park is one theme.

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    awesome atmosphere. I would love to see some structures other than an amalgamation of quarter tile buildings, but it does give a cute style.

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    I feel like this park is the rct equivalent of Donald Trump's complexion. 


    It's pretty cool looking, but in over 2 years, you haven't shown us anything that looks different to anything else in the park. I'm excited to see you finish it, just so we can see something else from you!

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    I am convinced orange/brown is your favorite color.

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    Amaaazing. The atmosphere and colors are just on point, I'm more seeing this as a semi-realism or a "planet coaster" kind of realism, since it looks kinda cartoony in a way, I don't really know why. 

    Also +1 for making an orange roller coaster look good. 

  • YoloSweggLord%s's Photo

    I love the touch of gold you've added to everything, it gives this a very gilded look. The coaster itself looks fine from what we can see of the layout... but does it have a Darude soundtrack though?

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    I wont repeat what everyone else has said about the colouring, but the screen is gorgeous.


    Love a good entrance coaster!

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    I don't mind the orange. I just like how it's different from what we normally see on here. This is probably my favourite screen from this project.

    I admire your dedication to defeat the object limit. Must be a pain in the ass. Hope to see this finished someday!

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    WoW cant wait to see this in game.

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