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    This is pretty good. Forms are solid, atmosphere is hiding there somewhere. I think having a facade or two with a different wall/roof texture would really elevate this to where it should be.

    Keep going!
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    Wow, this is actually pretty neat. There's something about those pocket fences that just works here—though I suggest you add an actual gate for the wood steps. The flag area is good, but it looks like there's a tad bit of path on the outside of the fence which should be coverable with rocks. The only bad thing for me about this screen is that the foliage doesn't feel beach-y enough, maybe try something like sea grapes that you normally see on sand dunes.
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    It could maybe use a little refinement around the planters but overall pretty nice and atmospheric.

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    You‘re improving, dude. Buildings are nice, I really like the shapes, I also love the atmosphere.

    Otherwise I agree with G and Steve.
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    I echo Steve. Really solid work, but a bit of variety in the used textures is welcome.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I will try to change the textures a little bit to see whether or not it looks nicer.


    @G Force, could you elaborate a little bit about what you mean with the refinement around the planters?


    @yolo, I wanted to add a gate but unfortunately there is no picket fence with a gate in the game, and even if there were I think it would be misaligned as it would probably be centered.

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    Looking back on this, you could do more with getting the whole sense of atmosphere in a more complete, grittier whole. Look at the american waterfront in Disneysea to see what I mean. Forms are there though

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    I love it! It just seems so wholesome and cohesive : ) Great colour palette, and very interesting choice adding a boom chain across the small bay. Good work!
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    So good

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