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    comment below
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    Thank you for adherence to my discord post. Much appreciated
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    Superb CP!

    Any word on lifting or changing the object limit in the near future?
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    Superb CP!

    Any word on lifting or changing the object limit in the near future?


    OpenRCT2 devs have mentioned sometime this calendar year as a possibility. 

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    can you share the park, i some of us can remove unneeded objects. i know riverland had some objects killed really helping the progress

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    That would be awesome @saxman... my next big park will need more space

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    You JUST hit it now?


    ... amateur

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    Wow started in 2011? impressive, nice determination and patience.
    The screens are great. :)
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    Oh man

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    8 years, damn i dont have that patience lol

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    Nice teasers. I like the vibrance and positive atmosphere coming from the screens. Can't believe this is still going. Let's hope OpenRCT2 will bring the new save format this year. Best of luck with this Brian. The park will surely be a big treat for us when done.

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    have you got interiors in place? might be an idea to get rid of all that or seriously look to do what fisch did with riverlands? he made a few super large objects to save a lot of slots

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    Really sad to hear you hit the object limit on this one, it's been looking like such a good conceptualization.

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    This is obviously awesome stuff, but that building in the top left seems to come straight from Watkins Woods.
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    I started this park in 2011 and today I hit the object limit. There's still a fair amount to go so this will be tabled until the limit goes away. Then I'll give it one final push.

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