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    Love it, I'm not a NCSO buff but this might be one of my favorite NCSO things I've seen! Nice density, cool theme, great atmosphere, good colors and textures, and neat incorporation and interaction of what looks like an epic woodie dueler - this really packs a punch. The only thing I'd put in the suggestions box is either spicing up the area of black queue path in the top left corner so that it doesn't stand out just quite as much - it could be adding some covers, more foliage, etc etc. The other idea would be to experiment with some other queue type than the black one, though I think it looks fine by the boat as it is a smaller contiguous area, so if that can be achieved elsewhere too, I think it'd improve it even further. Super screen, fun to see this kind of stuff from you!

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    Wow, that steamboat is on another level for only "official" scenery.

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    This was nuts.. quite the duo here. Really enjoyed the entry. The station and small easter eggs like the old PTC trains was nice. Really good backstage stuff and strong theming. Loved the New Orleans vibes. The dueling coasters were huge and quite impressive to follow along. Will probably re-post this and add more comments when/if you post the park here

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    Wow. Favourite legend with one of my favourite DKMP players. This is a great surprise. I’m intrigued who did what when we get to view the design.
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    This looks sick! Cant wait
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    Awesome! Love me some duellers.

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    This looks fantastic. Love the custom tree, the paddle boat is excellent, and the coaster layout from what I can see looks very solid! 

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    hah, this looks awesome. love a good themed queue


    i've not quite worked out what the heck those smokestacks are...

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    hah, this looks awesome. love a good themed queue


    i've not quite worked out what the heck those smokestacks are...


    They're steam stacks for the steamboat to release the used steam from the engines.


    Edit-Nevermind. I realize you meant the scenery objects. Appear to be some sort of pillars but I don't know what else is mixed with them.

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    it's expansion scenery. four new york corner pieces

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    Is there anything you can't do?

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    surprise indeed! looking forward to checking it out

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    I like the black path type useage
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    I recall you once telling me that you could never build with NCSO!  Excellent screen, can't wait to see more of this.

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    Not a huge fan of the foliage textures, otherwise awesome work.

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