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    Love this park style. Looking forward to the finished product.

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    I wish the peeps didn't look like they were floating. Something else feels off. maybe the green path? or actually a lot of the foliage doesn't blend in well with the chosen ground types. maybe some more underbrush in a few spots would help that. other than that, I'm glad to see a faithful full size park of this genre. 

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    Best. Forklift. Ever :D


    The storage yard is so well done it took me a second look to realise the junks piles are actually old ride cars :)


    Also loving the perfect yet hideous coaster colours :p

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    Coaster looks Fantastic, love this griminess. Looks like it hurts to ride. I disagree with scoop about the foliage I like the look you have here. But I definitely agree about the floating peeps. I'm sure those stairs looks good empty, but with the line full like that I don't think its a good look.  

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    This screen is so gritty and I love that. Only thing that just doesn't do it for me is that green path. But still, great work!

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    This is amazing. The awkward turn arounds after the MCBR remind me a bit of Anaconda at KD. I agree with scoop though on the peeps. Maybe you can fix it by lowering the mini golf track one unit using the tile inspector.

    Edit: just realised its not mini golf track. But my point still stands for whatever object you used.

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    Great stuff. Cool details there with the forklift and extra ugly stored ride cars. Coaster looks realistically awkward :)  Looking forward to more of this park!

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    Dude this is amazing! Geat supports work and use of diagonals.
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    You're unparalleled. Just incredible. 

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    Foliage looks a bit unfinished, lacking some shrubbery in places, but it hardly makes this screen any less great.

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    This is inhumanly good. Hope this park gets released soon, can't wait much longer!

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    Agreed on the foliage, because this isn't a massive full sized park you can probably spend a bit more objects cleaning it up.


    Otherwise fantastic!  Maybe I still think the box supports are a touch sloppy, but perhaps it does fit well.  Will try to get that correctly shaded object done for you sometime soon.

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    Nice work. Can't wait to see this when it's released.


    My only suggestion is to use a queue made out of mini golf track for those slides, to avoid the glitches.

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    I'm so intrigued and looking forward to this park. I love how you do storytelling through the gritty details.

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    nice work on those supports!

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    Thanks all for the comments!


    Addressing a couple of points:

    - I've changed the slide stairs to minigolf.  Not my favorite look compared to the stairs, but it is definitely glitching less and looks better when viewing the park.

    - The green path is meant as sort of an AstroTurf softer decking.  You can see it here in the real park:!7i13312!8i6656.

    That said, it does blend with the trees so I'll continue to play with colors to get something that looks suitably aged and worn, but a little different.  

    - The foliage is not quite done yet-- it does need a fair bit more underbrush.



    Thank you all for the comments!  

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    Sure hope the park repaints the coaster because those rusty rails are tanking the park value. Woof. Great job, as always, CP6. 

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    nice job

  • Description

    Originally slated for Fukoka's Space World, Washuzan Highland was able to take over the ride contract when the deal with Space World fell through, netting the park a coaster much larger than what they could afford new. As none of the track steel had been bent, the ride's layout was mirrored to fit the park's available land to the west of the waterpark. Sadly, this was to be the last major addition in the park as it struggled through an economic crisis and a series of other incidents. Titan MAX still runs well, despite the rust from the wet climate, but it has certainly seen better days. There have been rumors that the park may be looking to repaint the structure, though there's no equipment on site as of yet.

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