Screenshot / boot sqeuence


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    comment below
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    very cool please continue 

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    Trippier than Wits End

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    You are an artist very cool. :)
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    You are an artist very cool. :)
     Don't flatter him.
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    I love this.
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    From this..? https://www.nedesign...lows-vice-city/

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    Really cool.




    What the hell is it tho

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    It looks interesting, i have no idea what i'm looking at though.

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    how hard were you tripping

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    Yeah I like the aesthetic but too bad there’s no context. Hence the lower score I’d presume
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    Haven't had a chance to comment on this yet, but I love it. I don't care what it is or what the context is, it just looks cool and its fun to look at.

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    I agree, I like it.
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    Shogo doin' a hecking favour to all of us who want to build things that aren't theme parks.
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    I just realized you probably julowed the shit out of that screen

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    Although I can't say I particularly like this because the contrast is so damn high, keep building weird shit... it's a pleasant and awesome surprise every time.

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