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    Looks gorgeous so far : ) Love the bold use of colours!

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    I like the large planter, and the aqua accents on the big building structure on the right.


    Lot of wooden coaster awnings, I think those could be tents or canvas roofs for more color.



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    Wish you didn't resize your screens like this, they're all pixelated and weird. Caroussel cover is also not working at all. On the bright side, the rest of this screen and the rest of this park look very nice, you know how to make an area theme park-y


    Pro tip: put sand under your paths.

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    Not a fan of the carousel building.. rather you kept it as just eh carousel ride only and no cover. Cool midway though

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    Echoing the carousel comments; I might add that you’ve done a good job at moving away from brown as your primary color. Right and left buildings look pleasing, the one way back in the middle is a little less so. Good work overall!
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    the amount of iron roof/cobble path/bank roof texture is confusing. plus you have some weird clipping going on with the big building on the right. What's there is good, but not groundbreaking. 

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    So good
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    Thanks everybody!


    There's a bunch of clipping, but I am going to work these out soon. It aint groundbreaking, but that's okay

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