Screenshot / Cedar Creek Park - Recoil & Cobra + Cutway


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    Not bad NCSO. Could benefit from a few things, IMO, like a lower backstage level on the white building to make it look less awkward, also foliage would look better with thicker underbrush, and because the path tiles are thinner in NCSO, you need the appropriate ground texture underneath to tie it all together more (gray rock for the gray tarmac). Some better fencing (use actual fence objects and not 1/2 height wall pieces) and perhaps some HVAC items (steel pipe pieces and blocks) on the roofs of buildings would greatly enhance the detail as well. 


    Not sure I'm sold on the elongated drop on the B&M Invert over the path, though it might look better with more context. 


    Sorry for rambling a bit there, just tryna help! You're off to a good start though. 

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    Holy crap, tdub is alive!


    Like I said on discord, I like where this is going.  I think the pipe supports work for the invert but not for the boomerang.

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    This is some of your cleanest work. Definitely some streaks of Blue Oak in those middle buildings. 


    I'm not sold on the white footers, especially since they're brighter than the actual track. You also have a couple footers that aren't connected to anything; this is likely to baffle one or two members of your gardening staff.


    Speaking of things connecting to other things, the corkscrew supports seem hesitant to come in contact with the corkscrews themselves. I think they might be happier together if you can help them get past their differences. 


    Your layouts improve with each release! That Arrow is extremely Arrow from what I can see.

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    @SuicideCarz yep I'm still breathing. I build stuff once in a while. Loving that architects flair you've been rocking these days! 

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    Looking more refined than some of you're other work which is good. I like the bold blue colour for that building. Unfortunately the screen being this resolution and unfinished at the top is a bit offputting.

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    I don't like how the boomerang is shut off from the path and blocked by buildings - I hope you plan to leave it more open/adjacent to the path on the other end. 

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    tfw it is a Schwarzkopf Shuttle...but kek


    Thanks for the comments all; I added into this some of what was said here (like ventilation) and plan to add more. Keep the comments up!

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