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    comment below
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    Well holy shit.

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    this is insane!

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    I approve of the number of 1k rocks


    ... Oh, and the coasters kicks all the ass

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    I usually just spam trees all over the map but they don't really fit in a desert. I was originally just going to put rocks around the tunnel entrances but then I thought the rest of the map looked a bit bare so I put them everywhere.

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    You're a true madman, the sprites look fantastic.

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    I think I can get them better. My next task is to add ambient occlusion to my renderer, I've done some tests with Blender and I think it will help to show up the profile of the track a bit better. Also, it looks like I forgot to turn on smooth shading.

    Also, I uploaded some more screenshots here.

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    How’s the friction on the trains?
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    I thought it seemed a little low, but I didn't change it because I don't really know what the correct value would be, I just extended the layout a bit. SpaceK made these trains and I don't know how he chooses his mass values.

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    How are the default supports?

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    The default supports are the round steel ones, same as those used on the giga and twister coasters. They don't quite meet the track in places (because the track is smaller than normal), but I'm sure this is an easy fix - there are some fairly small tracks in the game already so there must be a way of adjusting support heights, I just haven't found it yet.

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    Gosh I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Would be cool to see a slightly thicker rail model as well :)

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    I can make it thicker, but I'm not sure if it should be thicker. It looks a bit thin but from what I can find online, the real thing is only 40cm wide, so perhaps it's supposed to look like that. Also, SpaceK said he didn't think it was too small when he made the train.


    The default sprites all have wildly inconsistent proportions, so there really isn't anything I can use as a reference for the scale.

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    Was thinking more to have both the RMC Raptor and Trex models in game. :)

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    Oh, I see. I could easily make it once I've finished the Raptor because it's just a change of sprites, but there's a very limited number of new ride types that can be added (the absolute limit is 9), so I'd rather prioritize ride types that actually exist.

    I think either the RMC IBox or the Raptor will be finished first and I'll submit a PR and see how that goes. If it doesn't get merged there's not much point making a whole bunch more track types, I've made quite a few already without actually finishing any of them.

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    I'm super excited for this.
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