Screenshot / Kelsier Gardens - Italy


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    comment below
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    ICE CREAM!!!

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    I'm a big fan of this. That path might be a bit dark, but really really solid architecture

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    I like this a lot, I wish there were a bit more for content here because I think it'll be even better in context.

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    Remove all the fire escape ladder objects in this screen and I'm a fan.

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    This is one of the best screens I've seen lately! So lovely and so much atmosphere present. The archy is great and the swinger is executed fantasticly. I'd swap the dark path for the 'brick' path you used in the top middle of the screen.

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    You are improving very fast

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    Now that's a really cool screen. I' like it! I'd suggest listening to some advice here though. Sulakke is right, there are way too much ladders being used in places they don't need to be, and I'm counting at least 4 different path types in this screen. 

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    The octagonal cobblestone shape is unnecessary and I dislike most ladders (except the ones on the railway crossing). Other than that, this screen is lovely. Really looking forward to seeing more of this park.

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    I love this

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    This is my favourite screen I've seen in a long time. That is also probably the best custom ride I've seen in my short tenure on this site.

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    This looks excellent. Unlike other people I very much like the dark path, it looks great imo. I would replace the path at the top building with the crazy path just so you don't have too many different path types.


    I would also add some extra details like lanterns, trash bins and benches to the path, because I feel like those are still missing.


    I also think the foliage/landscaping below the custom flat right next to the grey path could use some work, the brown rock formation seems kind of random to me. I would try to maybe remove this and put a big planter here or something to see if it looks any better.


    Excellent work overall though.

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    Very pretty. Doesnt scream italian to me but definitely generic pretty europen vibe. Maybe needs some more mediterannean colors and foliage? But high quality nonetheless
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    +1 from me dawg

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    very good, I'm a big fan of what you've been doing.  There's way too many different styles of fences going on though.. I don't think any even repeat more than two tiles in this area.

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    Thank you for all the comments!


    I've since changed the path at the top to match the crazy path and removed some of the ladder objects, didn't realise how crazy I'd gone with them lol. Will try and adjust some other things when I get the chance.

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    "The archy is great and the swinger is executed fantasticly."
    That is a really cool screen, and Octagonal cobblestone shape is nice. :)

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