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    comment below
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    This is definitely looking to be your best park yet!!
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    clean and tidy

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    Great diagonal area there!
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    couple points- I think there may be too many color schemes going on here, especially for the roofs. I'm not sure I'd expect a small town USA square to have more than 1-2 shingle makers in the area! The walls are also a bit rainbow, but possibly that would get cleared up with more roof consistency. I'd say the scale is maybe one or two units two short per floor but thats a style choice I suppose. I'm slightly confused by some architectural details- what are those tan dome on the floor of the building on the left? Whats with the small domes? The details should make me recall some building design from real life (if you're going for a semi-realism, themed american town vibe). Finally, foliage- palm trees is fine if its say a southern farm town- but theres some wacky pink birch trees up the top and overgrown grass, but no other bushes/hedges/flowers/reeds etc to really sell the 'town' feel.


    hope that helps and isn't too overwhelming!

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    thanks for the feedback @cocoa, Ill most likely make some changes based on it:)

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    it is getting a charm :)
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    little plaza that serves as a transitions area from the temple/docks to a new jungle area and a wild west area(maybe). I still need to add some more foliage.

    as always and criticism/feedback is appreciated

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