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    Good use of diagonals in the queue.  As far as the whole project goes, I'd try to establish some sort of consistency in design, weather it be path fencing/borders or foliage.  Will help it feel a lot more realistic.

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    I like the start of this. Mu main tip is to work on your foliage and clump it more together. 

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    NIce use of diagonals in the queue
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    Cool use of diagonals in the queue. I agree with Jappy, main focus is foliage. Don't spread the bushes out so much but place them more together and under the trees. Also be consistent with the land textures, I don't like how you marked the track on the land with rocks.


    Still a decent screen and the size makes it really cute!

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    Fun and compact little coaster, I like the queue a lot.

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