Screenshot / Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant


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    comment below
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    Love the Intricate pathwork and the landscaping
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    Dude, NE might crash again now... 100%

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    jesus christ.


    glad to see you back!

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    Wow. Stunning! The curvy paths are immaculate!
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    I don't speak French, but...
    Le Damn!


    Really impressive pathing, and lovely scale + detail on the castle.

  • ][ntamin22%s's Photo

    Very nice!

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    Castle looks great, albeit a little short? Stubby?


    The curves however, are phenomenal. 

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    Hollly cow
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    So nice someone does Disney again. This is beautiful. Smells of Spotlight all over.

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    what the? So beautiful!

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    That is an incredible screen. Just look so complete somehow.


    The curvy pathing and fencing are the first things that stand out, great execution there. But I also dig some of the details, such as the big purple bushes. Just realized that you actually very rarely see people incorporate large colorful (or bright white) bushes when they are quite common in real life, such as bougainvilleas. I never really thought of it, but it's a really effective and legit way of adding tons of color. And I dig how the "simulated" RCT landscape made of grass blocks and 1k ruins on the left side looks great, kinda funny how it mimics the way that the regular landscaping looks, i.e. quite angular and abrupt, but it really looks good.


    Not a fan of those trash cans though, the sprites don't really seem to match general RCT aesthetics in that they are a bit too well defined. And I have nothing against them, but not sure what the stacked barrels with the ornate objects on top are supposed to be?


    Superb stuff at any rate, please show more!

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    That's insane!

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    Amazing work Airtime. Love the flowy path and the castle and surroundings look so good. I guess that the barrels represent the boxes for music right? You could consider making them the same green as the lampposts so they don't stick out so much.
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    Awesome. My favourite part is the hillside/rockwork on the left.

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    Awesome screen. If you want to create the cropping effect you used, you can also use the cutaway view in openrct2.
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    Love it, although the busy landscaping overwhelms the beautiful castle a bit in my opinion.

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    Just stunning! Curvy paths are great, the curved bridge is out of this world.

    I love the towers on the castle especially the larger round one, good work on the mouldings.

    I disagree with Splitvision about the trashcan sprite not fitting the game visuals, I think they are actually one of the better ones to use!
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    Oh boy. Can you not just make my castle for me?

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    Fantastic screen, really love how all the paths are done. And the castle is amazing as well.


    I am going to be a bit critical here although it's opinion based: I don't like the grey ruins on the left one bit. They don't work IMO and I think the regular land sides from RCT would look so much better.


    Apart from that, no complaints. 

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