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    That looks fun!

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    Neat. Nicely integrated pre-built buildings for the textures, and I like the way the railway hugs the wall.

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    The buildings are pretty neat! The wall is a but clean perhaps. Maybe add a little beach with some shrubs and palm trees to add some extra interest and foliage? Because that's what's lacking in this screen.

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    The little waterfront buildings look great. I agree with Jappy, needs a bit of foliage to brighten it up a bit and add some variety.

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    Part of my Lake Cryptid project, the Champy Area hugs the lake and offers an overlook of the area. (Please ignore the purple in the background - that will be changing now that I can use custom palettes!) Using previous feedback, there is less trackitecture in this area.

    My first full-scale project working with tricks of the trade such as shoestringing, rides in test mode, and loads of trackitecture. I started this park as part of a contest on the DKMP server and will probably try to expand on the park now that the contest is over.

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