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    comment below
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    Good to see you back.

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    Excited to see more! Glad your building still!

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    We need to add slanted blocks to the rock discussion. 

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    What sort of ride is it? I see four different track types. I'm intrigued.
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    I feel this is honestly missing something. I do dig it though. 

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    Wooden water ride? Nice.

    @Julow when do you finish that suspended woodie?

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    thanks for the comments everyone


    @Faas I'm either going to use splash boats or river rapids trains

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    The wooden track would be a bit odd for a rapids ride, since it wouldn't be able to travel along the channel properly, so I'd just have the splash boats track continue if I were you. The cliff work is nice though, liking the open grass too.

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    Weird to see water on only the sloped parts but not the rest of the ride. The rest of the screen is fantastic,

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