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    comment below
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    whoops time to open this one back up again 

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    This was such an amazing find.
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    nice artwork ;) print this for your home :D

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    Absolutely genius.

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    To be honest, didn't care much for this content but appreciated the level of thought put into it and the theme. The rest of the entry however, was excellent. 

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    this is fukn amazing. Such a cool idea rotating and seeing it build/unbuild with the wire frame inside. By far the closest thing I've seen to anything really "psychadelic" in rct.


    you've been on a real tear this year. such a joy.

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    That's cool it's very artistic, I liked it :)

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    Grand Tour Round 5: Nepal; themed to the Changu Narayan Hindu Temple and Linga Sarira, the concept of the subtle body or vehicle of consciousness that resides within us and obscures the true self.

    Pictured is what I dubbed the exploding building, which peeps fall into once they have visited the main temple and completed the Maze of the Mind. The building constructs and deconstructs itself depending on the angle you view it from.

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