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    Those diagonal buildings look unreal. The use of colloseums also works really well.


    I think you have one trim too many on that cinema building.

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    It looks gorgeous and bamboozling, but I sincerely hope that that new diagonal style of yours does not become the new meta. Also, this screen makes me want to do a citytrip to southern Europe.

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    amazing, love the colosseum pieces.


    I guess its unfinished, but it really needs some small scale street-level details to bring things to life, and also to give some contrast to the monumental scale of the buildings - it'll make them all the more impressive.

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    Wish you could make the second building from the right look a bit less blocky and flat. Still fantastic of course - even the little touches like the doorways in bottom right, and the planters top right.

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    Man, the colosseum building looks fantastic. The rest is also great, but I don't think I'll ever be able to fully get on board with the weird diagonals. The isometric view kinda makes it look just a bit too unnatural. 

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    That colosseum object is incredible
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    Each time you post here I'm astounded at what is architectually possible in this game

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    The use of the colosseum is amazing. I can't quite tell if you've made a new object for those straight sides or if that's really seamless object integration.


    Agree with liam about the blockiness of that tan building on the right. Rest is fantastic.

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    Today I learned that I suck at this game
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    This is a proper mindfuck

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    im jealous.

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    Today I learned that I suck at this game


    we all suck compared to this lol 

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    You're a god. Love that you introduced half diagonals into the game now. The colosseumesque building is great.

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    All hail Tolsimir

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    Even years later with this game, it still amazes me how we still can get "awed" from scenery like this.

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    I call hacks

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    is this a challenge?

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    Agreed with Alex on the peep-level details. I think that what's impressive about the half diagonals is that while it's unnatural because we've never seen it before in RCT - it's actually really well executed for the isometric perspective. It's clear you've put a lot of thought into how to pull it off.

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