Screenshot / Arrowhead Creek


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    comment below
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    ummm, Okay. Wow, great first time screen!

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    Yeah pants, glad to see your screen, it’s a fantastic start. Love the rustic feel you’ve got here, and it’s got a good amount of space/breathing room. 4 different rides in one screen and it doesn’t feel cluttered. Hope you keep your motivation up! Looking forward to seeing more from you.
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    Great first screen!

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    looks nice! I like what you have going here

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    Oh dude this is great. Digging the colors. Welcome!
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    he's cracked at rct my guy

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    wow - really great first screen. Very natural looking.

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    the colors are so smooth here

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    I like this a lot. Very nice!

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    hope the responses inspire you not to lurk so much anymore, and to start posting more instead!

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    This is fantastic. Love the composition in this. Welcome to New Element! You'll fit right in! :)

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    Welcome! Great first screen

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    Perhaps a bit light on the path details, benches, lamps etc.. but there are some really nice things here!  Hope you don't continue to lurk and post more going forward, would love to see how this develops.

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    Where are all these new players coming from? This is great

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    Lovely park setting, this is very nice!

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    This is some really nice realism considering it's your first post here. Welcome!

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