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    This is a pretty good start!  Really nicely laid out, good detail, facades area all nice an unique.  Perhaps a little rough around the edges, maybe work on cleaning some of the glitching up and maybe work a bit more on the foliage and landscaping.  Randomly placed bushes in open muddy grass isn't a good look!  Even for a park like this.

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    great work, DH - this is the strongest work we've seen from you. keep up the great work man!

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    This is a pretty good start! 



    This sentiment is getting really old.

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    well then maybe finish something. it's up to nobody else but you
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    This sentiment is getting really old.

    Stop the Debbie Downer shit please
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    Maybe I think it is finished.  I'm not trying to be a downer, but no matter what I post, it's always "great start."

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    Maybe I think it is finished.  I'm not trying to be a downer, but no matter what I post, it's always "great start."


    Yeah because your screen looks unfinished. Which is fine, but literally no one is looking at this screen and thinking this is part of a larger finished product. It literally looks like the start of a park. Which is fine. But that makes it a start.

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    Alright who tanked this?

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    this is finished? you're gonna release a park with red sand for blacktile and square blocks of grass around the border?


    stop trashing the people who are trying to help and encourage you here. no one is out to get you.

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    Why do you think everything I say is always trashing people?  And yes, I did submit it in it's current form.  I'm tired of it.

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    no one is out to get you.


    I'd agree with this, except that some assholes are indeed tanking the screenshot rating here. It's not important, but that makes it all the more pathetic indergarten nonsense.

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    It's funny that your work looks like a time capsule from 2010 with all the objects, architecture, and color choices. I understand the frustration, as while it's a decent screen, this is a much harder style to get right than it looks.

    It does suffer a little bit from flatness. Like the facades of some buildings could be pushed forwards or backwards a tile rather than being flush with each other. That huge black roof and the surrounding empty terrain are also begging for more details and variation.

    Also, cardinal sin, but please change the color of those trees to their original in-game colors. Otherwise, glad to see you're still building. Keep at it.

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    I see some good here in this screen. Although it honestly does look unfinished. I think those pink blocks around that entrance tower need to go. I get what they are trying to represent, but I think you could play around with it more. I actually  like the color palette you are using though. Vibrate and colorful. A bit old school family owned park vibes. I feel you could fix those glitches as well along the diagonal paths. I get your also trying to make the concrete by the entrance look decay and run down due to foot traffic over the years but I'm kind of feeling it, but kind of not. Idk man. It's just a bit out of place really. Looks a bit off ya know.

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    Thank you to all for provided actual feedback.  After careful consideration, I have decided not to move forward with this project.

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    I would simplify your style a whole lot more for the time being, which means no advanced conventions such as attempts at path decay or backstage or any realism other than just creating a basic aesthetic with only essential park elements. I would do that for the moment, perhaps in a series of mini-parks (to add to the cathedral you completed), progressing from there to a design or two, then finally full parks. I think you’ll get a better grasp at the game leading to natural development and eventually adding that realism or whatever else, wherever your style takes you. Consider it a reboot of your RCT brand and create a flow and progression of your work. Don’t forsake doing the scenarios or recreations as well, which are also helpful. The Beatles began playing cover songs at bars, but progressed to Sargent Pepper and superstardom, because they learned the basics first. You have all the potential you need, but you have to walk before you run.

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    Interesting thought process Tim. However, I'm going to continue to build what I want to build.  

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    Great job, I like it a lot.

    I think a few more ornamentally alocated trees and benches to break up the path would be wonderful. Generally though it's well laid out, fun, and vibrant.

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