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    Following the end of the season, Will is exhausted. The park’s finances are not doing well, and he has little desire to work to improve the situation. His family and others involved in the park have an honest conversation with him, that something needs to change. They decide against plans to add more rides in the next year, as well as many other changes to streamline things.

    Up until this point, backstage work at the park had been haphazard, and they determined they needed much better facilities. Rides were moved, paths improved, and the park moved to an entrance fee payment system rather than a ride ticket system.

    Biggest of all, Will decided to leave his engineering job, and focus on the park full time. He faced problems with the park he’d ignored for a long time, and refocused his life. He’d been too involved in the park, too micromanaging. Now he hired people to help manage the park employees, and get things running better. With the help of many friends in the community lobbying the city government, they are able to get better infrastructure leading into the park.

    By the time the next season had ended a year later, the park’s finances were in a much better place, Will’s family was a lot more relaxed, and Will had finally stopped trying to build the rides on his own. To that end, he prepared to make Diamond Lake Fun Park into Diamond Lake Amusement Park…

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