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    I realize in hindsight that having the path tunnel under the tracks was extremely stupid. I'll chalk it up to Will stubbornly say that he doesn't want to make people wait for the train. xD

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    Nice roof details on Castle Dread
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    nice job with the autumn foliage colors
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    nice job with the autumn foliage colors

    Yeah it's hard to get good fall scenes with NCSO, but I found a decent palette to make it work. 
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    As Autumn arrives, the Reed family decide to leave the park open for longer than the normal summer season, and decorate for Halloween. As part of the festivities, they install a haunted dark ride, as well as a temporary corn maze.

    Once again, the initial idea proved far simpler than the execution ended up being, and the park employees have to crunch to get everything ready for the start of their fall festivities. This combined with the railroad struggles earlier in the year are starting to tax Will.

    Originally he’d hoped that starting the park in an official capacity would not only make things easier on the family, but also be a thrilling adventure.

    But now his initial passion is waning. Running an amusement park, even a small one, is far more difficult than he had presumed. While doing his normal engineering job, he is trying to manage the park, maintain his homemade rides, as well as learn to take care of the steam locomotive. Hiring other employees had helped, but it also brought new complications that came with running a business.

    In this state, Will begins to grow disillusioned with what once seemed a dream come true…

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