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    In the middle of a new season, the park unveils its first real coaster, made by a manufacturer, rather than Will. Though it’s a simple, cheap wild mouse model, it is the park’s first real thrilling ride. Though the park’s major renovations the prior season were called by many to be preemptive for such a small park, the addition of the coaster and a new swinging pirate ship solidifies the Reed family’s plan to grow their small local attraction into a real amusement park.

    Moreover, Will has found a rekindled love of the park. Where he once was obsessed with micromanaging - okay, maybe he is still doing that a bit - he is now however looking at a number of big big picture questions. One of those is being whispered among park guests.

    While Adventure Park is still visited by many people in this part of the state, attendance there is going down, due especially to a fatal accident at the park’s “non-lazy river.” Perception of that park is dropping, and Diamond Lake is growing in reputation.

    Will is not deaf to the local perception of the two parks - and he wants to solidify it.

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