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    comment below
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    Damn, that support work is awesome; really nice that you went above and beyond just using intamin inverted track.

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    Robbie93 everyone

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    Man I love this so much. This is what I wish I would have done for my SeaWorld park.


    If I ever do a Busch Gardens park, I'll be using you as a top inspiration haha.


    Incredible work big boy

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    Yo didn't I make this layout?

    Also, shit this is good.
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    My apologies Mr. Force, I’ve updated the description
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    Hell yeah

    The supports and framing is really what makes this, absolutely ace stuff.
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    The vibes have been checked and caught, partner.
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    I love the foliage and the walkway over the water! 
    Just not sure again about the amount of red, I think the culprit is the coaster colours. 

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    Maybe this is just the angle or some weird glitch but it seems like the coaster goes through one of those corkscrew supports during that upward slope after the turnaround. Would try to see if its possible to change that. I also think the building on the left and the umbrellas for the tables look rather tall, would personally lower both by one tile. Other than that it looks great.
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    Jesus Andrew, where did you come from. I don't even care for realistic details like this, but it looks gorgeous. The aesthetic value you produce is unique and much needed, and will be rewarded, I'm sure. So excited for your work.

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    Love the color scheme!

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    dang! im lovin this, so moody and atmospheric with that g l o w 

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    Every screen has been immaculate from this. Gorgeous landscaping and general style.

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