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    RIP people's heads on that loop.


    this shit is so good.

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    Yeah that loop is unfortunate... I'd redo that if possible. Rest of the screen is super nice. I'm intrigued by the coaster on the left. That's a vibe I hadn't seen from this park yet.

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    I went to Belle Isle last week in Detroit and didn't see any of these rides there. What gives?

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    Yeah.... This is my most anticipated release, no question!

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    thats a stellar setting  for two coasters who normally dont ger that kind of attention, super loving this project, looks so hot and steamy 

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    What a great park.... Looking forward to this

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    I don't know what's wrong with the loop, but I also don't care for these details.


    This looks amazing, and I'm so glad you happened to NE.

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    I don't know what's wrong with the loop, but I also don't care for these details.




    I'm glad real theme park designers don't have your attitude :D  I agree that everything is amazing looking, but that loop has got to be fixed. I think it's pretty do-able to do that. 

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    This is hardly nitpicking in my opinion!


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    What does it look like from the other angle?

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    This loop looks fucking stupid, man, what were you thinking? I don't think I can further acknowledge this park's existence. I am writing it off. If you finish it and release it, I will not be here for it. I will be elsewhere. If you have the audacity to show us this tragedy of a screenshot at least have the nerve to spare us seeing it in-game, Andrew. I hope you reconsider this screen, the park overall, and possibly even your real-life choices going forward.

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    I've heard of headchoppers but this is ridiculous!

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    A coaster for billionaires!

    I am going to nitpick:

    - I don't think every table needs an umbrella, it might help make those areas a bit less cramped.
    - I think a normal, natural waterline would look better on the left half of the screen.

    Great screen otherwise, love the architecture.
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    Great screen Andrew. I love the coaster on the left and really like the station of the right coaster. You could consider beefing up the poles holding the structure. The loop of death has been mentioned enough. This palette feels so warm. I agree with Faas that a more natural waterline could work. Maybe a small beach in the cove and some Krypton and/or Fishrocks in stead of the monorail? Those fountains in the curve of the coaster are perfect.   

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