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    Wow... dude... I can say nothing more than this is just gorgeous!

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    Holy shit this looks incredible. The building on the left is picture perfect. The lampposts are very good as well, as are all the other path additions. Really immersive and well-organised screen.

    Something about the right hand side roof that makes it a little hard to read for me, but not sure what exactly. Very hyped to see this.
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    Seems like guac would be extra here
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    Fantastic! Only nitpick I have is maybe decrease the umbrella density on the terrace over the water.
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    This is spicyyyyyy im into it. 

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    I love the warm colors. Also very impressive diagonal archy!!


    I agree with faas about the umbrellas but that is extremely minor lmao

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    Wake up babe, new Andrew just dropped

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    Sometimes I think you're going a bit overboard with all the trims and things, but in the end I don't care because the atmosphere is irresistible.

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    The path work, the building trims, the overall feel of it. Great stuff.

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    That left building is tasty af.

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    Very cool.. uhh... warm.

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    Buildings have a great amount of detail without going too overboard with it. 

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    a bit overdetailed for my taste, but still very amazing

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    Awesome as always. Bit unsure about the height of the second floor of the blue building. Seems a bit off-scale to the rest

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    This is great obviously idk what else to say.
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    orange you glad you joined NE

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    Amazing screen, love the detailing on that glass dome.

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