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    Wow. If I could nitpick one thing, it's that I'd love to see more guests wandering about.

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    So gorgeous. Lovely.
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    Was just thinking about this park yesterday. such an excellent screen, planter game is on point. The bridges are extremely cute.
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    Hell yes A N D R E W!!!!!!
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    I agree, you're definitely still cooking with gas

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    Atmosphere. So good dude.

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    We need to get you a CTR for the freefall

    Perfect otherwise
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    new orleans square balcony posts from the disneyland project

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    your use of warm colors creates such a lively atmosphere

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    Incapable of missing

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    Absolutely amazing, the colors really get that "Warm summer evening" atmosphere, and that pathing and architecture, wow.

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    gad dam

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    Okay I can't really take another screen the tease is too emotionally wounding, sorry.

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    I agree with CC9 on the number of peeps. Combined with the palette covering everything in a warm light I can imagine this is the park in the early morning or the late evening, under a coloured sky. That would explain the low number of peeps. Would be an interesting approach to a realism park actually... You could concentrate a lot of peeps on the parking lot with hundreds of cars leaving the map. Kind of like how some official park footage is typically taken before or after opening times.


    Anyway, great screen. Relatively lifeless, but it's nit picking.

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