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    this looks great man!!!

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    Great scene indeed. Liking the hill over the entrance!


    Some (minor) comments:

    - I think a trim around the bottom of the roof could help integrating the roof structure with the supports, also maybe make the cross beams more visible (great structural detail).

    - I don't think those two grey bushes work (if intended)

    - add at least a bit of detail to the interior of the ride op hut

    - make the texture of the ride op hut the same as the roof, i think 3 different wood textures is too much.


    Good stuff!

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    Thanks for the tips Tolsimir.  It's looking much better with a roof trim and new ride control booth.  I haven't decided if I want to move the roof height up 1 unit so the support poles are visible or not.  With the update, they became hidden by the trim.

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    maybe moving down the cross poles does the trick already, actually my comment was more targeting for changing the color from black cause I didn't notice them at first. But yeah if they are now invisible due to the trim I would consider moving them down. Raising the roof will look akward I think as it is already quite high (not too high though)

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    Yeah.  Changing the color to match the wood works, but I'll also try moving them down so they are more visible as well.  Also the grey quarter tile plants were supposed to be like the cycad bush but smaller, but it doesn't really work as I intended.

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    Looks great so far! Some catwalk and queue covers could make this feel a bit more complete I think. 


    I'm excited to see more

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    This is probably the best work I've seen from you. Glad to see you've been taking everything to mind and steadily improving your craft.

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    Yeah this is nice. Catwalks and perhaps a bit more care and detail with the foliage and you'll have a winner.
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    this is your best work for sure! keep up the great work dude

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    Yeah great work, keep going with it!

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    I like the way the airtime hill frames the queue, a lot of nice interaction with the rest too. 

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    Looking quite good!

    Minor nitpick: not a fan of those small support footers for most parts of the ride. They look too small for the coaster type, and the misalignment looks weird. Modern B&M uses a variety of footer types/shapes even on the same coaster, so I would switch some of those out for round, or large square footers.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Any tips on how to improve the foliage?
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    I think the grey color for the 2 cycad bushes is unusual, maybe it's the palette ?


    Here is a few tips i gathered on the internet :


    Helpful detail to create atmosphere :  use of 1/4 tile "grass" object painted either a shade of green or even beige/brown to give a dry look. ( there are several height and shape including some from Tolsimir ) It help break the repetitive texture of the ground even more than using the mixed grass/dirt base tile.


    Can be used near fences or at the base of building's wall, or near tree trunk, where a gardener would not be able to use an automatic lawnmower and where the grass would be little less clean, like where you used the yellow flower already.


    Oh and rocks are an option too ! They can help shape an empty space like decorative stone, both help blurring the grid, highlighting eleveation change and hiding straight line of landscaping.


    Edit: I like the actual foliage though, and overdoing it is a risk too !

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    it's finally starting to feel as though you're entering your own element with what you're making; this is absolutely great design work. just give a little tlc to the landscaping and cleaning up a bit of the foliage if you wanted to push the envelope with this. 

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    Thanks for all the feedback.  Hopefully, I can finish this up within the next couple of months.

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