Screenshot / A Quiet Moment Of Inner Contemplation


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    I always love these simple scenes.

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    Feels like you're in Hundred Acre Wood. The water reflection of the bridge is beautifully done!

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    Quaint but also a bit emo. I like it.

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    Wow! The reflection in the water, the leaves... simple, yet inspiring and lovely.

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    Hugely creative and artistic. Everything is spot on and the water reflection (artfully placed in the centre of the screen) is the pinnacle of the entire thing.


    Bravo sir!

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    i really like this - the trees are great, but the undergrowth is what sells it - the mushrooms and fallen leaves are outstanding. very atmospheric

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    This is just beautiful Gustav. 

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    Thanks for the love everyone, was not expecting this much. I used this as a landscaping exercise since I really don't do a lot of that and I think it looks alright all things considered. The Liampie underbrush objects carried me so hard

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    This is really lovely, beautiful colours and composition. It captures the early autumn mood perfectly.

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    Gorgeous Gustav. 

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