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    This is looking great dude.

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    Very excited for this!

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    In photography there’s an effect called “stacking” where using a zoom lens and cropping causes large objects to appear closer together, and it highlights the scale of a scene.

    You’ve managed to do this in RCT in an amazing way in this screen. The huge mountain cliff so close to the big lift hill makes for an awesome effect. Very cool!
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    Gorgeous. This better get you parkmaker

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    How are you not a parkmaker yet.

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    I do so appreciate your RCT mountaineering skills!

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    Screaming out parkmaker. 

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    IS IT SUBMITTED?? ahhhh I can't wait

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    I can't wait, looks fantastic man. Love the Intamin-style lift and drop, and like others have said the backdrop looks great. So pumped for this.

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    Really nicely done with the large-scale composition. Incredible to see it done like this as Anton mentioned, especially to this scale. I love your commitment to it as well as your object motifs. It's clean, looks really good in this game and is unique to you.

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    H Y P E

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