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    Not a bad screen at all!

    The trees block a lot of the view though, I think you could do more with this all.

    Also, fences comments in 3..2..1..

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    I like it quite a bit, except for the fence mess. Everywhere you look there's a different fence style, or the smae fence in a different colour! The picket fences for example - both white and grey, why? I'd also give the tree a brown (tan) trunk, rather than... grey.

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    Yeah I like this quite a bit. Best rendition of this ride in my book!

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    I like it quite a bit, except for the fence mess.



    I told you :p

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    Definitely listen to those points above: there's a bit of fence spam going on and the trees block the ride from any point of view.

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    Less trees, more manicured gardens/flowers would be great. Good stuff though. Keep it up!

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    Yeah I like this quite a bit

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    Good improvements, do kinda agree with Liam about the fencing actually. Best advice probably is to not use any new types in this area going forward and stick to what you've already got.
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    I may be alone in my opinion on this, but I think fence "spam" or different fence types isn't that much of a problem for a lot of realism situations. Once you start looking at fence types in real parks, you start realizing that some chains don't keep fence types consistent, and it comes down to what was cheapest or most available whenever the fence was built. This obviously is generic realism TM, and therefore I think what you have in your updated screen is totally fine and seems plenty realistic to me. If it was highly themed, say like a Disney or a Universal-type build, inconsistent fencing types would look a lot more out of place.

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    Realistic or not, it's just painful to look at. Just like how real places can be very unpleasant.

  • Description

    Screamin' Eagles is Ready for Takeoff!
    The young and fun at heart will love Screamin' Eagles, a floating spinner that any member of the family can fly! This attraction features eight individual flying cars, each with a stationary rear wing and a moveable front wing. You’ll be the pilot and control your own riding destiny as you pump up the thrill for a more intense flight or simply sit back, take it easy and enjoy the ride.

    There’s room for a friend to tag along too, and together you’ll soar to new heights. You’ll rise into the air and start to spin around the center. This breezy ride might be thrilling enough, but wild pilots can change this flight path with their own hands. Take control of the front wing of your flyer. By giving it a push or a pull you can fly high or low, faster or slower, even make crazy dips and rises! Depending on the wind and your skill as a pilot, you can guide your flyer to swoop and sway at up to 40 miles per hour. Because you’re in charge, no two flights are ever alike.

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