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    Not bad. Great interaction so far.

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    Worried about the red brick path in the bottom right. With my only complaint being in the periphery of the screen, this is a good screen. Loving the queue-coaster interaction. Please don't let people tell you you need nets.

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    This is really nice, queues and coaster interaction are always tough to get right but I think you've done a great job here.


    The Greek signs are a welcome addition but I think they'd be more accessible if they were a different colour as the typography is blending in with the trees. 


    Then just a different path texture around that geometric fountain and you have a very fine screen! 

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    This is quite pleasant! The only think I would say is to make a custom fountain. That will help break up the tarmac a bit more as well as make it feel more prominent.
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    Thank you all for the feedback and compliments.  


    Liampie - The red brick will make more sense with a fuller context.  And don't worry I have no plans to add netting/queue covers over where the coaster interacts with the queue. 


    J_K - I've been experimenting with colors on the sign.  None of the coasters colors really stick out from the landscaping in that regard.  I may have an idea on how to resolve this issue though.


    Scoop - I agree.  The tarmac needs to be broken up just a tiny bit more.  The fountain pretty much was a placeholder that was left over from when I was doing the macro for this.  I'll look into a custom fountain.

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    The queue and entrance are lovely dude!

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    Quite pleasant. Perhaps some rock work to make the terrain less flat could help.

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    The rightmost diagonal roof of the gift shop looks great with the parallel diagonal paths. The sign and the grass beneath it fit nicely into that area as well, as a break from diagonal edges 

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