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    Unreal realism.

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    Looks good. That wooden bridge looks little extra dont think you need it. Maybe something more squared in that block but I like the commitment. Very meta. Your deats are great.

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    I strive to make diagonal buildings as good as those

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    Fantastic. Love the colour usage here. The level of detail is top notch, the foliage is great and love the rockwork around the light house.

    Might get some flack for this, and hate to be that guy, but I am not really convinced by the diagonal row of buildings from this angle. It looks flat, forced and squashed... :(

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    Beautiful, tend to agree with yappy though that some of the diagonalness seems a bit flat, especially the white building sticks out a bit imo. No idea what to do about this tho, lol. Maybe steve like a tree right in front of it or so. Love the coastline, the rock of the lighthouse is benchmark landscaping.

    Really hoping that by the end of the project there will be diagonal flume sprites cause the bm track really doesnt fit into the overall cleanliness/perfection of the park.@recurious do something
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    Just got the idea to perhaps break the diagonalness with perhaps one or two 'normal' oriented buildings? To create some visual interest?

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    i need those little waterside rock objects

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    also damn

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    Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback, figured I should clarify that this is a recreation of my home park and though adding some on grid structures would likely improve it, its extremly accurate to real life, which is what I'm going for more than anything. Im really not sure if there is much of a way to get around the general "flatness" of diagonals in the game, but I have tried my best to get some object ideas going for diagonals in the meantime as exemplified by the blessed homies arjan and barnnid.

    Cocoa - those are just fisch rocks my guy, lots and lots of fisch rocks.
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     Really hoping that by the end of the project there will be diagonal flume sprites cause the bm track really doesnt fit into the overall cleanliness/perfection of the park.@recurious do something


    This might be closer than we think judging by that flume drop.

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    Beautiful Hydro, the standards I expect from every single park of yours. Only critique would be to landscape under the water a bit more to carry on the effect you're creating on the rocky shore.

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    That lighthouse though ... so good. 

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    Looking at this gives me the same feeling that gee's Cedar Point recreation gave me 15 years ago, thank you

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    stahp it .. So unforgiving. stay ruthless , stay hydrated.
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    can't comment on the accuracy but it looks absolutely great. lovely atmosphere, excellent throughout. i don't love the diagonal buildings, just dont think they look very good, but from what you've said it's probably realistic, so fair enough. 

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    Yeah that's great stuff hydro!


    Just to chime in on the diagonal buildings... the yellow one to the far left really breaks the flatness (contrasts with the rest of them). Might want to use that application with other diagonal buildings... however I'm sure with the viewing angle turned 90 deg it's a big difference. This is just one angle so it doesn't bother me that much, especially since it's a recreation.


    Hawt fisch rocks!!!

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    The landscaping here is just so smooth, love the natural vibe. This park is gonna be mindblowing.
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    I'm closing my chocolate factory...






    (dude this is freaking SWEET!!!)

  • Description

    Time for a new screen, I am way overdue. May I present to you, the Yukon Territory.

    Opening as one of the six original themed areas at Marriott's Great America, the Yukon Territory is a Canadian themed area of the park which connects Yankee Harbor with the County Fair. This section of the park features two kids areas, Camp Cartoon and Bugs Bunny National Park, each with their respective junior coasters, Spacely's Sprocket Rockets by Vekoma, and the Little Dipper by PTC, a saved coaster from the defunct Kiddieland in Melrose Park, Illinois. Yukon Territory also is home to the beloved Logger's Run log flume by Arrow Development, as well as arguably some of the most gorgeous sites for dining in the park.

    Shoutout to Scoop for the logo edit!

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