Screenshot / Cedar Creek Park - Starfire + Americana + Employee Parking


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    Really liking how this coaster is placed, also from the screens you posted on discord.

    I think you might have a bit too much fencing and railings, in particular I don't know if you need all the rope fences for the parking spaces, nor the railing around the train track.

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    Nice work, you've really improved the layout a lot with the diagonal bits and this turnaround. If that road in the back goes to an employee area, perhaps consider a security booth of come kind with a barrier.
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    Overall I like the composition, particularly the placing of the coaster and the helix element. But I do feel like there are a lot of rough edges, like some of the paths and fences, the go-kart ramp down feels like the fences next to it should be higher, and the top of the woodie feels awkward, particularly the way the supports are falling.

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    I agree with Alex and FK.. too many fences and the trees under coaster supports are bad. If you remove some textures, this will look a lot cleaner. Definitely a well composed screen otherwise
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    I like this! Try to break the grid a little if possible though.

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    Great turnaround on the yellow coaster. I like how it hia the hillside before ascending.
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    It's about time I posted a screen about Cedar Creek Park, eh?

    I have felt way more confident about this work than I have any others in the past.

    Starfire: B&M hyper built in 2004 by B&M as Cedar Fair took over then "Paramount's Carolina Wonderland" and renamed it 'Cedar Creek Park' after the creek that flows all throughout the scape.

    Americana: A tough old PTC woodie with an unusual layout of mostly diagonals. Built in 1970, and recently renovated by GCI to fix the ending and make it banked.

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