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    Much clearer! Now we can see everything we're supposed to be looking at, as can the guests. 


    For the tree balance, the heavily forested look can definitely work in places, but the park is more interesting to look at when we can see more than just the roofs of the buildings, and this has been confirmed now that we can see the lovely structures you've created in their entirety. Instead of only trees, perhaps the foliage-loving owner could plant flowers or bushes in front of the theme buildings so that both plant life and the building facades are visible! I can relate to the owner's desire to mix a love of park-building with an equivalent appreciation for botany. 

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    You got the buildings and the rides, like Terry says, now the foliage needs to be added. That would truely elevate this. 

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    This coaster is a little more condensed than desired due to park space limitations, but it features 2 lap, 2 train operation with a working switch track thanks to the advance track plugin. (darkoaster operations)

    It took multiple attempts to get it to function perfectly, but the key is a working switch track at the end of the ride, triggered by a track right before the drop, and a working block brake between the station and switch before the lifthill, triggered by a track at the top of the lifthill.

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